The next stop in our Residence series is a visit to Ewood Park, one of just six stadiums in England that home a Premier League trophy. Blackburn Rovers are the proud occupants of this Lancashire landmark, a venue that has hosted football since 1882.

Standing tall in a geographical hotbed of English football, Ewood Park takes visitors on a journey through time. One walk around the outside of the stadium provides glimpses of architectural influence from decades past – this a ground that developed quickly in the 1990s without hiding all of the stunning details from generations gone by. Weathered brickwork, throwback typefaces and old school character are housed in the Riverside Stand, while the rest of the stadium was a baby of the Premier League era.


Ewood Park finds itself in a unique position of being a relatively modern renovated stadium that still retains an identity, unlike the common flat-packed, out-of-city stadia that popped up in the late 90s early 00s. As symbol of representation in a working class area, Ewood Park is proper football.

Having been promoted back to the Championship from League One last season Blackburn Rovers are on the up. A return to the Premier League will forever be the golden prize for this club – a place where this stadium no doubt belongs, and a league in which Blackburn reigned supreme by lifting the title in 1995. 

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Above: The Jack Walker Stand runs along the side of the pitch to meet the Blackburn End situated behind the goal.

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Above: The Riverside Stand is the oldest part of the stadium which contributes just over 4,000 to the overall capacity of 31,367.

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Above: The Riverside Stand may look out of place in comparison to the rest of the stadium, but its wooded backdrop, which is lit up by the floodlights during night games, brings welcomed character to the stadium.


Blackburn Rovers are club drenched with some of the richest & longest history in world football, and a Premier League title winner to boot. The club and Ewood Park are have immortal status in English football. There's a lot to like here.

Photography by Ross Cooke for SoccerBible.