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Residence #43 | Tolka Park by Ciaran Doyne

A perfect storm of shapes and sizes, Tolka Park in Dublin personifies what makes football grounds to enchanting. Each side is different and every chipped edge has a story.

Football stadiums are a place of celebration. Tolka Park, home to Shelbourne FC is no different. The club will have seen their fair share of spoils though the stadium will have been a bedrock for them to play their game. Captured by Ciaran Doyne, this collection of images goes to town in marking what makes this place such a wonderland. No order, plenty of chaos and so much charm.

Tolka Park Residence_0002_Layer 30.jpg
Tolka Park Residence_0003_Layer 29.jpg
Tolka Park Residence_0004_Layer 28.jpg

The stadium is obviously incredibly well worn. The replacement seats are a sign of age whole the weathered ones and sun soaked instalments just add even more rustic flavour. One for those who likes their football battered, from the steps to the sidelines, the toilets to the towering floodlights, it has it all. What's more, the pitch itself looks immaculate. Almost like a sanctuary in the centre, the chaos ensues on the sidelines but the poetry is on the pitch. Romantic, that.

Tolka Park Residence_0021_Layer 11.jpg
Tolka Park Residence_0022_Layer 10.jpg
Tolka Park Residence_0026_Layer 6.jpg
Tolka Park Residence_0023_Layer 9.jpg

An almighty instalment of pure football good from a place that sits quietly in the week and goes wild on the weekend. You can see more from Ciaran Doyne here.


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