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Residence #40 | ‘The New Lawn’ Forest Green Rovers

Situated just off ‘Another Way’, ‘The New Lawn’ is home to one of the most progressive clubs in the land. Forest Green Rovers are a side that embody an environmentally conscious approach and from their catering to their pitch, it’s a vegan way of thinking that lines this quaint stadium that is embarking on its first Football League adventure.

While plans may have been drawn up for the clubs' new home, the first all wooden football stadium of its kind, The New Lawn still stands strong as a place where these green hoops can style out a party in their own unique way. Situated in Nailsworth, this stadium holds a capacity of just over 5,000 of which 2,000 are seated. Three sides of terracing, it’s a humble place with a big impact and with wind turbines over the brow of an adjacent hill powering some of the energy around the space, it’s backed with an equally striking set of rolling hills.

Very much part of the local community, it’s one of few stadiums that has such surrounding scenery. Picturesque and pleasantly surprising, the winding roads that will take many a team on tour for an away day here, will be very different to many an inner city dwelling that quite often football brings. 

The ground was opened in 1889 so it has had its fair share of history and though it may not be the biggest ground in the country it’s a perfect platform as the club take strides moving towards their self-highlighted promised land of the Championship. A home that has earned its hoops and paved the way in doing things differently, the natural fertilisers help this pitch shine ahead of a fresh, though first, football league season. Couple that with the solar panels that line the roofs, the robot lawn mower (aka the ‘mow bot’) and the sustainable way of thinking, it’s a place dedicated to taking positive strides in helping the environment thrive.

A few more seasons before the club move homes towards a fully functioning ‘Eco Park Village', it’s a chance to savour what its a typically terraced stadium that has a truly bespoke feel. Green and hooped with envy for that award winning vegan pie, you betcha.

Launching in time for a fresh season, keep eyes peeled for the new @EASPORTSFIFA #FIFA18 


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