South London & proud, the latest chapter from our Residence series comes in the shape of Selhurst Park. The home of Crystal Palace, a traditional ground of charming charisma, it's seen some sights.

When the top flight comes calling there are undoubtedly fresh demands, heightened attention and in some cases a touch of paint. Paying attention to the finer detail, Selhurst Park sits nestled among houses built into a rising hill. An architectural wonderland it is one of those beautiful grounds that has been tinkered with but treasured over time.

The power to generate an almighty atmosphere, its four separate stands are all unique in their own way. Like 4 people at a party wearing the same shirt, it's a unified club of passion and taste. From signage to murals all the way to hospitality - it's all about those intricate details.

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Home changing rooms of humble but well catered style, they are comfortable while the away as hostile as you can expect. 'Palace Ale', hand painted signage - this is a contemporary club that knows how to place itself at the center of a community. Delicious branding too.

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Blessed with mod-cons and a nostalgiac twist, there are signs of a very British ground. Steel frames that arch high and wide this is a pure ground. One for the appreciator. Having recently updated the gantry and away section, it's not just the home fans the club are catering for. Turnstiles that date back many generations are met with corporate boxes and an immaculate pitch. It's a modern classic - a romantic ground with an alluring soul. Go on football.