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Residence #28 | 'Glanford Park' Scunthorpe United

Set apart in North Lincolnshire, Scunthorpe United's Glanford Park is a rock steady football league picture of character. Plans afoot to redevelop and embrace a contemporary game, this 'home' as Scunthorpe fans call it, has the curtain calling while the club aspires for higher ground. Our latest stopping point on the road, it's a steel 'Residence' instalment.

Glanford Park offers plenty to see with history echoing around all four sides. A modest number that was opened in 1988, it holds a lofty 9,088 fans when at capacity. Notably too, for the good people with an eye for grounded details, it's where Robinho scored his first goal in English football  an FA Cup tie with Manchester City back in 2010.

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One of those postcards that won't let you get carried away with the abundance of shiny wealth at the top of the tree, there's a northern soul and claret spirit to Glanford Park. All four sides closed off, it's a venue of its own style. Each stand is of a similar stature in size though the custard gleaming painted terraces and breeze blocked finish offers a typically British football style.

It clings on to a previous generation of football while having features that point to what an 80s designer would see as a footballing arena for the future. There are lots of straight edges and thrills are served in small doses, while part of the signage remains unchanged and the stained wood shines.

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The club, as a whole, is one with an aspirational vision of bigger things. Their proposed new stadium doesn't radically increase the capacity, but considers the bigger picture when it comes to off the pitch interests. On-site hotels and training facilities are part of the purpose built proposition that are seen as more in keeping with where this club finds themselves almost thirty years on from the incarnation of Glanford Park.

Time will tell, but if there's one thing for sure, if you like things cozy and laden with its own character, this stadium is one fans will look back on with fond memories. Simple but very much theirs, we look forward to what is to follow. If this season is anything to go by, we could be looking at a Championship club once more come May.

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Photography by Aaron Cheeseman for SoccerBible.


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