Sitting pretty and maxed out when the capacity hits a sizeable 60,000, Celtic Park is the latest place that travels through the lens. A powerhouse of Scottish footballing history, it's as safe as houses as it is safe in style. A place where safe standing is getting a test in the United Kingdom, too.

The home of Celtic since 1892, Celtic Park is big. One of those names in the game that has not just stood the test of time but equally created a long lasting legacy. A place for hooped dreams this is one side of a city where rivalries run passionately deep. You can forget fire in the belly, this is an all out green giant where atmosphere will stick with you across your footballing travels.

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While in England there is a law that stipulates that no top flight club can have a standing section, there is no such rule in Scotland. Taking all the appropriate measures following an extensive study into the feasibility of installing safe standing in Celtic Park, the club introduced a space that fills 2,975 rail seats in the summer of 2016. A section that fans up and down the country cry out for, it sees the terraces of generations gone by reintroduced with an engineered approach. A fans game with structured thinking and strategy - hats off go to them.

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Comprised and shining, rich in green, this stadium offers a feast on the eyes as the sun shines in. It's a traditional bowl structure and it's comparisons with Old Trafford or St. James' Park are evident though its towering beams showcase this as a truly bespoke party palace. Megastructures of beauty for the footballing masses. Glasgow awaits. Just pick your side with due care - once you go green, all the blue has to go. All we'll say is that there must a reason Celtic call it "Paradise".

Thanks go to Celtic and New Balance for having us.

Photography by Adam Barnsley.