With the Champions League well up and running, before we step aside for another international break, our latest 'Framed' offering lands midweek as Celtic put on a valiant display when they hosted Bayern Munich.

While Bayern have an ensemble of elite stars that could fit into most teams across the globe, it was the home side in Celtic that, despite losing the game, will come out with the greater sense of pride. Bayern were of course a driving force throughout, though with Celtic setting out their stall with a point to prove, they left with a renewed platform to build a Europa League challenge from.

celtic bayern munich framed soccerbible _0002_CelticBayern-58.jpg celtic bayern munich framed soccerbible _0003_CelticBayern-64.jpg

Last season, Celtic's run of form in domestic competition was simply unrivalled. New records set and new heights reached, repeating that same style would be a tough ask though they have started strong once again. The Champions League may still have a few fixtures to come, which for Celtic includes a trip to the Parc des Princes to face PSG. It will be another chance for a squad that comprises of both youth and experience to showcase their capabilities. It's one to relish whatever the score.

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Photography by Adam Barnsley for SoccerBible