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Residence 16 | 'Loftus Road' QPR

The next stop on our 'Residence' road saw us hop off in Shepherd's Bush, West London, to take a nosey around Loftus Road, the home of Queen's Park Rangers. Charmingly compact, Loftus Road is that intimate gig of footballing gold.

Boxed-in by residential buildings, Loftus Road is a tightly enclosed stadium where fans are pushed to the very edge of the action. Built in 1904 and now the permanent home to Queen's Park Rangers, it's one of those grounds where the whole stadium is right on top of the pitch, and one of those stadiums where you're fully aware you're playing away from home – there's no escape here.

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With a capacity of just under 18,500, Loftus Road is small in comparison to the giants QPR often rub shoulders with, but what it lacks in capacity it more than makes up for in character and charisma. No soulless bowl here, that's for sure – each stand has an identity, a unique view-point and boasts more stories than the next as Loftus Road has gradually been upgraded and taken shape throughout generations of hoops.

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A generation of British football stadia that is steeped in quirky architecture and irreplaceable personality, Loftus Road is more timeless than throwback. Scattered imperfections stand as proud battle scars, there to be embraced and cherished. With the London skyline creeping in from different angles, Loftus Road was temporarily bathed in beautiful sunshine for our visit and permanently bathed in Premier League dreams and memories. QPR, thanks for having us.


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