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Residence #64 | 'Elland Road' Leeds United

Few stadiums boast as much history and heritage as Elland Road, a ground that has pretty much seen it all. Sure, a touch up wouldn’t go amiss, but as it stands it is a bastion of the old school and a hallowed ground for fans. A safe house for treasured memories from a time when Leeds United dominated the English game, our latest 'Residence' comes from Yorkshire.

Back where they belong in the Premier League after a 16 year leave of absence, but still calling Elland Road home. With expectations well and truly surpassed in their first season back, it is now the challenge of that difficult second season to overcome. But one thing has changed quite dramatically since last season: for 21/22, the fans are back, once again filling those 37,972 seats and bringing with them that fabled atmosphere that has been there through the title topping teams and European highs to the catastrophic lows.

leeds 17-min.jpg

Elland Road has stood since 1897, though it wasn’t until 23 years later that Leeds United moved in, costing them the princely sum of £250. Changes and upgrades took place in the fifties, before some significant redevelopment in the 70s. Then, the most recent changes took place in the early 90s. Since then though it has remained pretty much the same, patched up and and awaiting a time when it gets the chance to be fully brought into the modern day.

As for the ground as it is today, the East Stand towers over the pitch with authority. The rich blue painted seats live long in the tooth and are joined in and around the stadium with hints of yellow. Most seats are plastic though there's a scent of history on every corner. The Damned United told the story of Brian Clough and his time at Leeds in incredible style. Most telling for this stadium is that they were able to use parts of the place to shoot a film that was set in 1974 and it looked in keeping with the timezone. 

leeds 15-min.jpg
leeds 24-min.jpg
leeds 28-min.jpg
leeds 25-min.jpg
leeds 16-min.jpg
leeds 38-min.jpg
leeds 37-min.jpg
leeds 18-min.jpg
leeds 26-min.jpg
leeds 27-min.jpg
leeds 14-min.jpg
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leeds 30-min.jpg
leeds 19-min.jpg
leeds 31-min.jpg
leeds 32-min.jpg
leeds 20-min.jpg
leeds 33-min.jpg
leeds 34-min.jpg
leeds 21-min.jpg
leeds 35-min.jpg
leeds 36-min.jpg
leeds 22-min.jpg
leeds 23-min.jpg

Treasured charm all over, and a proper piece of footballing history.

Daniel Jones

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