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Liverpool x Nike: From The City To The Top

Coming into a new partnership is always a little daunting. You’re never 100 percent sure what the other party is all about; what they like, what they dislike, how they’re going to react to certain things, ultimately resulting in whether or not you’re going to be compatible together. Those first few months will make or break the relationship. And that’s the situation Nike and Liverpool have found themselves in as they’ve embarked on a new era together.

So how do you follow up one of the most successful partnerships in a club’s history? Daunting isn’t the word for it. It must be a little bit like jumping into bed with someone after they’ve just come out of a relationship with the best performing partner they’ve ever had. Sure, you might ultimately end up being better in the long run, but the most important thing initially is to establish the fact that you're different. For Nike, that meant being respectful of the club’s traditions and heritage whilst still being progressive – and therein lies the ethos of the brand, staying true to themselves. 

Liverpool has a unique relationship with its city and the people within, as well as a dedicated fan base around the world thanks to the team's style and attitude on the pitch, and Nike have been keen to understand this unique relationship, including what it means to be a Scouser. “Liverpool is like no other place in the world,” explained born and bred Liverpudlian Alyx Steele as she modelled the shirts as part of our ‘From the City to the top’ shoot, showcasing the new collection in its natural habitat. “It’s something in our blood. I think Liverpool is an identity. It’s more than a place that you are from. We’ve got so much history, so much history of togetherness.

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The community here makes Liverpool truly unique,” adds Dredz one of the other models. “Everybody is always looking out for each other here. Everybody has got each other's backs. That’s the main thing that I think of when I think of Liverpool. Just that together mentality of never leaving anyone behind or forgetting about anybody else. It’s always about that togetherness.

And with this first collaborative collection that has so far yielded a clean home kit tinged in tradition along with a bolder and more expressive away kit, bolstered by an extended clothing range, Nike have created something that celebrates the rich culture of the city of Liverpool and the club itself, striking that perfect balance of respect and progression.

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And they haven’t stopped at just understanding the relationship between the people, the City and the club. They’ve actively become involved in the local community, committing to support an initiative in Toxteth as part of the brand’s Made to Play commitment to get kids moving through play and sport.

Ultimately though, the relationship is about one of the world’s leading sport brands not just working with the current Premier League, European and Club World Cup champions, but about them understanding the city and the people, and delivering what they want as a single entity. Liverpool is a community unlike any that Nike will have worked with before, but the early signs are promising; this could well be a match made in heaven.

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Models: @stayfresh_dredz, @alyxsteele, @carriemakeup

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