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Could Liverpool Lift The Title Wearing Nike Kits?

With Premier League football on hold until April at the earliest, there have been hundreds of different theories about how and when the 19/20 season should be completed. Any decision by the Premier League will have major effects on clubs, players & fans, but also sponsors. Last month New Balance were all set to sign off from Anfield with iconic shots of Liverpool lifting their first ever Premier League trophy in their branded kits, but could that change? Could Nike steal the spotlight?

As it stands Nike are set to take over the reigns at Anfield on June 1st. That's when the new deal officially begins, with the date traditionally marking the beginning of a new football season. But with games on hold due to the COVID-19 spread, and much speculation suggesting EURO 2020 will be postponed/cancelled to allow domestic seasons to be completed in the summer months, there could be a chance of Liverpool lifting the Premier League trophy wearing their first ever Nike kit.


This is, of course, assuming that the 'April resume date' gets pushed back, and how set in stone that contract is between Nike and Liverpool, but New Balance must be worrying that they might miss out what would be the most significant moment in the brand's footballing history. To miss out on the Liverpool squad holding the trophy at Anfield, an image that would spread around the world quicker than.. well... really quick, would be a huge hit to New Balance who have ploughed so much of their efforts and resources into the Liverpool deal, and a competitor brand taking their place on the podium for all their work would be a killer blow.


Could Nike agree to let the Liverpool first team wear New Balance kits for the rest of the 'season' if it does push past that June 1 date? Perhaps, that would be a decent move of goodwill, but it's worth remembering there was bad blood between the two brands when New Balance tried to block Nike taking over at Liverpool; a matter that was eventually resolved in Nike's favour in the High Court. So if the contract is done, then Nike could well fancy that famous Swoosh being in every photo that will be immortal in the history Liverpool Football Club.

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