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Liverpool x Lebron James Nike Air Max 1 Released

Following on from the original drop of the Liverpool x Lebron James collection, the club has now released the co-branded Nike Air Max 1 that was glimpsed in some promotional shots.

Nike’s Liverpool x Lebron James collection didn’t really land at the best time, for the Premier League club at least. Out of form, they were languishing at mid-table, almost out of contention for the seemingly essential top four slots. By contrast, Lebron had just become the NBA’s all-time leading points scorer… so swings and roundabouts. But for Liverpool, the collection just felt like it dropped at the wrong time, not quite resonating with a discontented fanbase. Now, with things mildly on the up and the top four once again a realistic possibility, the club have released the LFC x Lebron Air Max 1, the final piece from the capsule.

lebron 6-min.jpg
lfc am 8-min.jpg

The Nike LFC x Lebron Air Max 1 was originally spotted on the feet of the shoe’s NBA namesake when he paraded the collection ahead of the Lakers’ game against The Spurs back in January. However, what we get here is a slightly tweaked colourway, with Lebron’s teal coloured mesh base panels switched out for white. Other than that, it appears to be a case of as you were, with “SFG” (Strive For Greatness) appearing on the left heel, and “YNWA” on the right, and similarly, the Lebron logo featuring on the insole of the left shoe, and the LFC crest on the right.

lfc am 7-min.jpg
lfc am 9-min.jpg

The LFC x Lebron Nike Air Max 1 is available now via the club's online store.

Daniel Jones

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