As a former NYCFC player, Ethan White is a man behind the lens who perhaps knows Rivalry Week like few will. Taking his creative talents around New York, he and the club have looked to capture the variety of faces and places that support their claim that New York is blue. A strong set of shots that bring the NYCFC shirt front and centre, it shows the talents of a man who creates a stylised image on and off the pitch.

The suburbs, skyscrapers and inner city hang out spots all feature in this photography series and it's with a stylised edge that this once more showcases the space where football shirts enter the lifestyle world. Various faces wearing the NYCFC colours, this set of shots is brilliantly diverse and serves as a timely instalment as the MLS gets into gear for 'Rivalry Week'.

The idea of orchestrating fixtures so that rival teams across the States play each other over one week means every game comes with an added crunch. Each team will have that extra fire in the tank as they look to claim their land. Just as NYCFC have looked to style an image that shows why NY is blue, the Red Bulls have done the same through Matthew Stith. What both sets of images does is present the on point nature of both sides. Embracing the off pitch energy and very much prepping the party.

NYCFC Portraits_0007_MLSASG0132.jpg
NYCFC Portraits_0006_MLSASG0837.jpg
NYCFC Portraits_0004_MLSASG1082.jpg
NYCFC Portraits_0003_MLSASG1102.jpg
NYCFC Portraits_0005_MLSASG0874.jpg
NYCFC Portraits_0001_MLSASG1353.jpg
NYCFC Portraits_0000_MLSASG1474.jpg

Images that go toe-to-toe in packing a little more punch into proceedings the creative game definitely took a step up. The game itself, which was played last night, finished 1-1. NYCFC having a man sent off, there was definitely an added bite to this instalment. Fixtures now coming thick and fast as the MLS reaches its business end, this is where it matters.

Photography by Ethan White.