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Framed #92 | Juventus Villa Perosa Fixture

Imagine being able to blitz it across a field bare footed in a small provincial village and end up getting the signature of Cristiano Ronaldo. The curtain-raiser to every Juventus season, the Villa Perosa fixture gives fans a chance to see their stars up close and personal. Our latest 'Framed' feature comes freshly delivered with humbling scenery coupled with an elite squad of superstars. 

The fixture itself gives the Juventus A-team a chance to play against the Juventus B-team while engaging with the local community. Tickets are naturally limited but those fans lucky enough to grab a spot on the benches that surround the pitch are treated to a prospect like no other. No half-baked pre-season friendly, for this occasion, both sides were littered with elite talent, including Cristiano Ronaldo. A place that he'll remember as a first game in the Juventus stripes, he opened his account and got on the scoresheet just eight minutes into this match. Paolo Dybala followed suit in bagging a brace before half time and the A-team eventually ran out 5-0 winners.

Villa Perosa Juventus Fixture portrait_0026__C3A0192.jpg
Villa Perosa Juventus Fixture portrait_0022__C3A0402.jpg
Villa Perosa Juventus Fixture portrait_0024__C3A0276.jpg
Villa Perosa Juventus Fixture portrait_0023__C3A0373.jpg
Villa Perosa Juventus Fixture portrait_0019__C3A0442.jpg
Villa Perosa Juventus Fixture portrait_0016__C3A0642.jpg

The Juventus bus perhaps personifies this rejuvenated side. They are a machine that run on electric talent and this season, the club, the brand and the side have shaped up as another powerhouse that will dominate the domestic and European side. This fixture also gave fans a chance to see the players in their full 18/19 regalia and it's on that note we'll point you in the direction of an interview we did adidas Football designer and Juventus fan, Francesca Benturini about what it was like to be a creative who was able to design a kit for the club she supports.

Villa Perosa Juventus Fixture_0040__C3A0733.jpg
Villa Perosa Juventus Fixture portrait_0011__C3A0812.jpg
Villa Perosa Juventus Fixture portrait_0008__C3A0941.jpg
Villa Perosa Juventus Fixture_0010__C3A1228.jpg
Villa Perosa Juventus Fixture portrait_0003__C3A1129.jpg
Villa Perosa Juventus Fixture portrait_0002__C3A1141.jpg

Juventus just giving you one more reason to fall in love with their stripes, their sophistication and their all-round humbled heroism, they are a club that forever make football look good. Add Ronaldo to the mix and a team you thought couldn't be matched, just shifted their brand into a whole new ball game. Not here just to make up numbers or bring up the dollar signs in the Juventus bank account, this is a winning formula they're looking to take on Europe with. We look forward to seeing it happen.

Want in with Juve stripes? Just head here, 18/19 is about to hit go.


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