While Europe's elite embark on adventures around the world, the pre-season party is covering ground on a deeper global scale. Our latest 'Framed' piece lands in Colorado where South American giants headed North for an inaugural match up in the shape of the Western Union Cup.

While Boca Juniors may be well versed to the fanfare that comes with such an enormous club, it was a taste for people outside Argentina to get a flavour for what they are about. Also a tasty reminder of the growing power that the MLS is packing, Colorado Rapids were on form for this fixture, holding the away side to a draw and going on to win the match on penalties. 

colorado rapids v boca jrs_0051_7.24.18_Rapids_Ellwood_397.jpg
colorado rapids v boca jrs portrait_0010_7.24.18_Rapids_Ellwood_021.jpg
colorado rapids v boca jrs portrait_0001_7.24.18_Rapids_Ellwood_1412.jpg

Naturally a friendly, or moreover, an international friendly, gave both sides a chance to get minutes on the pitch for players on the peripheral of a regular match day squad. Often that can go one of two ways and end up in the dredge of out of form football or those players grab the moment. Thankfully, the latter is what happened here. Colorado took the game to Boca juniors and goals flowed for both sides as they continuously cancelled each other out eventually heading into extra time. Still no way out for either side, the match went to penalties. Each keeper stepping up and the full squads getting an involvement in all the action, it was Colorado who held that focus throughout.

colorado rapids v boca jrs portrait_0000_7.24.18_Rapids_Ellwood_1466.jpg
colorado rapids v boca jrs portrait_0008_7.24.18_Rapids_Ellwood_222.jpg
colorado rapids v boca jrs portrait_0004_7.24.18_Rapids_Ellwood_779.jpg
colorado rapids v boca jrs portrait_0003_7.24.18_Rapids_Ellwood_1024.jpg
colorado rapids v boca jrs_0023_7.24.18_Rapids_Ellwood_1110.jpg

With the summer season becoming even more of a carnival before the regular season has even begun in Europe, the MLS is still in full swing. An interesting time for the game and a clear sign that the demand for football in the States is rocketing. Game on.