As a new dawn of football riches descends across the European scene, last night Paris Saint-Germain relished their opportunity to state their name as a real contender for the 2017/18 Champions League trophy.

Ruthless and unforgiving in their approach, a squad that doesn't just have strength in depth but a lethal combination of hunger and experience, PSG showed one of Europe's elite clubs the door. Bayern were the visitors and though Parc Des Princes is never an easy place for an away side, they were out muscled and out skilled in pretty much all angles across the pitch.

psg bayern portraits_0005_LJ1B4262.jpg
psg bayern portraits_0006_LJ1B4202.jpg
psg bayern portraits_0004_LJ1B4360.jpg
psg bayern portraits_0003_LJ1B4410.jpg

Naturally, eyes fall on the deadly top three of Cavani, Mbappe and Neymar though it's from corner to corner that this PSG side has been built to perform. Splashed cash maybe, but this is a side already performing as if they have never been apart.

psg bayern portraits_0008_Layer 1.jpg
psg bayern portraits_0002_LJ1B4511.jpg
psg bayern portraits_0001_LJ1B4546.jpg
psg bayern portraits_0000_LJ1B4673.jpg

Epic soundtrack, incredible scenes, fans painting the most powerful picture. Overall, a real catch for the Champions League as it lives up to its billing.

Photography by Alex Penfornis for SoccerBible