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adidas Launch Bayern Munich 20/21 Third Shirt

Paying homage to the club’s home, the Allianz Arena, adidas reveal the new Bayern Munich 20/21 third shirt, which features a hand painted red diamond graphic print. The shirt will be worn for the first time in Bayern’s Champions League quarter-final match against Barcelona on August 14.

Joining the home and away shirts for the 20/21 season, adidas reveal the new Bayern Munich third shirt, with a design that draws inspiration from the red glowing diamond pattern featured in the Allianz Arena’s outer shell. The hand painted red diamond Rauten design, which can be found in the crest of the club and in the Bavarian flag, lends the shirt a deeper meaning, allowing fans to connect with the shirt on a deeper level. Or something like that. Looks smart though…

bayern 1-min.jpg
bayern 2-min.jpg

White detailing pops through the Three Stripes on the shoulders as well as through the branding, sponsor and club crest. The graphic print in through the body of the shirt is bordered by black sleeves, and as is traditional on the club’s shirts, the slogan "Mia san mia" can be found as a sign off on the back of the neck.

Having strolled past Chelsea in the last round, Bayern now face Barcelona in the Champions League tournament in Lisbon, and it’s here that the new third shirt will debut.

bayern 4-min.jpg
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Pick up the Bayern Munich 20/21 third shirt at from 17 August.

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