South America heading North, this sprinkling of football fandom travels on the shoulder of photographer Carlos Alberto Soria as River Plate take to the United States in preparation for the forthcoming season. The 'Florida Cup' is what played host for fans that made the very most.

You can say a lot of things about the divides in opinion that sits all over the globe right now but if you want a sign of how to party together, collectively then just head this way. Bringing the finest Argentinian cuisine this selection of images is not so much about the pre-season matters on the pitch but rather the collective spirit that the River Plate have in abundance. Park up next to the stadium, serve up some of that hearty, meat heavy cuisine and roll out the banners because there's a party where these folks rock up. From New York to Orlando with various states in between, you just have to scroll through the flags to see where these fans have travelled in from to support their side.

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Naturally, the pre-season routine is not necessarily one for big attendances but in this case, it adds to the beauty showing just how much colour the fans bring to the equation whether there's 100 people in attendance or 10,000 - however many, it's going to be an electric show with shirts on show and huge messages of support too. South America is a beautiful place with a vibrant culture and huge thirst for football as we all know and this little snippet gives a nugget of inspiration when imagining what a full blown River Plate spectacle must be like at their emphatic home in Buenos Aires.

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