Can the owner of the Caravan parked on the edge of the box please return to your vehicle? You're blocking a last minute equaliser... Taking a look at intriguing surroundings with photography the medium Istvan Fekete has painted quite the fascinating picture of football in the Faroe Islands.

A howling wind is met with low hanging cloud and with its borderless language football is the underlying nature of this observational photography series. Explaining the way in which the land lies, Hungarian Istvan explains, "Football is the most popular sport in the Faroe Islands [and the country has] a total population of just 46,000. According to FIFA there are well over 5000 registered football players in the Faroe Islands, which became a member of FIFA on 2 July 1988 and joined UEFA on 18 April 1990".

Some description

From the outside it's a place that can only be imagined. Striking scenes that rattle the cages and a passionate outpouring of football fandom wrap up these images with form. Sharp, gusty and plenty of game, we'll see you on the ferry.

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