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Inter Miami CF Unveil PRIMEBLUE Jersey In Special Underwater Shoot

It’s all well and good wearing special shirts to support certain causes, but Inter Miami have taken it one step further with the launch of their new adidas PRIMEBLUE jersey made with Parley Ocean Plastic, displaying it through unique freediving photography as a reminder that the ocean can be clear of plastics, but that it’s up to us.

As part of Major League Soccer’s ocean conservation campaign, every Club will launch an adidas jersey made with Parley Ocean Plastic called Primeblue ahead of World Oceans Day on 8 June. But instead of the traditional player shots for a jersey unveil, Inter Miami took a different approach to remind everyone of just how clear the ocean can be if we all play our part. Partnering with a well-known freediving photographer and model, the club shot their jersey 100 feet under water in the crystal clear oceans of the Cayman Islands. This was done with no oxygen tank by the model, who swam up and down in between takes.

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Inter Miami has chosen to launch our PRIMEBLUE jersey made with Parley Ocean Plastic modeled underwater by a freediver posing as a protector of the ocean in a picture-perfect clear ocean setting,” said Mike Ridley, Inter Miami CF SVP of Brand & Marketing. “Accompanying the image is a message reminding people that the oceans can be this clear of plastic, but it is up to us to be the difference and to be the protectors of the ocean.” 

Inter Miami will wear the jersey in their first full capacity home match in Club history on 29 May against D.C. United, who will also sports a white Primeblue jersey along with the rest of the teams in the league. The players' match-worn jerseys from the game will be auctioned to raise funds for the Inter Miami CF Foundation’s sustainability efforts.

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Inter Miami tapped Jason Washington, an underwater photographer otherwise known as “Cayman Jason'' to create real images of the jersey shot underwater in the Cayman Islands in celebration of the release. Cayman Jason is an underwater photographer who is driven by the preservation of the awe-inspiring beauty of the ocean. He is based in Grand Cayman where, in addition to his photography work, he tirelessly promotes ocean conservation and runs a scuba dive operation. Washington and Inter Miami worked with model Coral Tomascik to film the jersey underwater, highlighting the crystal-clear landscape symbolising the cleaner, brighter future we can achieve when focusing on recycled materials and sustainability.

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The Inter Miami Primeblue jersey is available on 

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