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Buenos Aires 'Football Capital of the World'

The power of football is something that can never be understated. This series of awe-inspiring photography captures that feeling in the 'Football Capital of the World', Buenos Aires.

Raw spirit, there's so much vibrancy and life while the colour has been stripped back. One almighty collection of football culture, welcome to Buenos Aires and the simmering sense-busting lens of Morten Flarup Andrerson. He's smashed it and then some here.

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The sentiment behind this piece of work is right on the mark. "Of the current 30 teams in Primera Division in Argentina 16 of them are situated in Buenos Aires. This implies a constant flow of derbies and an ever present feeling of football and rivalry in the city. On match days you will see lines of buses stuffed with men hanging out the windows throwing their arms out while singing on their way to the stadium. In taxis, while the chauffeur's favorite team is playing, you will hear the entire match is being broadcasted in the radio. And in the parks you will see men of all ages carrying portable radios to hear how their team is doing."

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You can see more work by Morten here.


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