A city of life, vibrancy and buckets of culture. Buenos Aires is a place of passion and performance that is united in its love for the game. It is the home for the latest edition of 'Inside Small-Sided' from Nike.

A nation that remains a powerhouse on the world stage, it is integral to the identity of its population. Exporting more professional players than anywhere else in the world football is a lifeblood to this society.

From tattoos to flags, the passion of football is not short coming in Buenos Aires it is a city that is “divided into pockets of fanatics.” Remarkably, 10 clubs from the elite of the Argentinian game come from the greater Buenos Aires area along with countless other lower league teams.

Space in the city however, is limited. The excelleration of its growth has meant the pitches available to play on have shrunk. The small-sided game is not just the introduction to the sport at a young age but a tradition for all ages. Often at the heart of a community, small-sided pitches have become a place of expression as much as a safe haven where people can congregate.

Nike describes them rather triumphantly. “These are the footballing nurseries where the stars of tomorrow grow.” You couldn't get a better reason to get behind the beauty that is the highly skilled, fast flowing, attacking game on a small-sided pitch.

A story well told, this first piece in a remarkable exploration of football around the globe is a celebration of why the game is like no other, especially on the small-sided court. Take in the full story from Nike.

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