Diego Maradona was laid to rest in a private ceremony in Buenos Aires today, after thousands of fans across the world paid their respects to one of football’s kings.

To appreciate Maradona’s influence, you only have to look at the outpouring of emotion from around the world. From his home city of Buenos Aires to the streets of Napoli, tributes were paid to the man hailed as one of the best footballers ever to have graced the Earth. And as was his way in life, his passing brought together fans of all teams and all generations as the world said its last goodbye.

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The term legend is an easy one to throw about, but Maradona was a man who embodied the sentiment absolutely. An inspiration to so many with his ability on the pitch, his impact on football and on the world should never be underestimated. As the great man was laid to rest, the world paid its respects.

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The world may have said goodbye to the man, but his legacy will live on forever. RIP Diego.