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Stamford Bridge 3D Renderings

What looks to be an absolute cathedral of football, 3D renderings of the proposed re-design of Stamford Bridge have come to the fore.

In keeping with its natural environment and surroundings, the new Stamford Bridge, home of Chelsea, is going to be a spot of architectural awe. An inspiring design that is very much fuelled by West London city scape, the brick work and geometric shaping is brought to life with these images that were created by Computer Scientist and Chelsea season ticket holder, Neil Vano.

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Helping showcase what the future holds, whether you're a Chelsea fan or a neutral there's no denying this would be a special place to visit. Offering a simmering atmosphere with its arching roofs this is a delicious glimpse as to the plans that the club are putting in place. A little more class without the shining floors and intruding neon lighting, this is a timeless design that will no doubt stand as a land mark proving to stand the test of time. Remarkable beauty. You can see more images of the proposed redevelopment here.

Images courtesy of Neil Vano and GetWestLondon


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