The thought of Iceland qualifying for Euro 2016 was certainly not a farfetched dream but putting it in perspective, it is quite an extraordinary tale. Geographically, a minnow in comparison to other land massed countries that will take centre stage, this beautiful film, Jökullinn logar captured the entire journey is beautiful fashion.

Clearly a team with incredible drive and spirit, they overcame giants in order to claim their deserved place at EURO 2016. What's more, for a population of just over 300,000, it's incredible to think of the talent they have produced, ready to head into the summer. This documentary, a snippet below, tells this story.

You'll have to excuse no subtitles, visually alone through the aesthetic, the story looks to be one delivered in style. Adding extra depth, the poster sizes the story up in equally enormous fashion. It has been designed by Snorri Eldjarn Snorrason.

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An underdog team that we'll be supporting whole heartedly, time to pick up one of those dreamy blue shirts...