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Eldejo one-off Hummel shirt design

As leaving gifts go, a bespoke football shirt must take some serious beating. Ever the fan of designer Jason Lee, he lent his talents to this parting gift for a friend who who left the houses of Hummel recently.

A triumphantly tailored offering, there's undoubtedly plenty of personal references and inside jokes in there, but from our perspective it's a shirt of deliciously detailed proportions. It's another spectacular nod to the DIY culture that is becoming evermore apparent when it comes to off the pitch culture. Also, just look at that typeface on the back of this shirt ― no emoji is worthy.

Some description

From fans creating SPEZIAL inspired flags terrace to terrace, right through to customised club shirts, the desire to add some tactile triumph to your serving of football culture is a sign of the times. Fresh thinking and championed collaboration, the tide is one that invites innovation. Start an idea at home and take it to the global stage. Standing out in this game is there for the taking, just make it look damn good, yeah?

Some description

You can see more of Jason's mighty fine work, here. Not short of inspiration, there's heaps to enjoy.


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