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Le Ballon x Eldejo One-Off Shirt

Another gem from the free-thinking collaborative game, Le Ballon and Jason Lee, (AKA ELDEJO) have created this one-off shirt, inspired by Stanley Kubrick's 'The Shining'. A movie of mega-cultural-influencing-scale, this takes cult classic style and mixes it with contemporary football shirt design.

Smothered in references from the movie, this is a mash up that is winning all over. 'Kubrick' as the shirt sponsor with Red Rum replacing the 'Respect' sleeves tags and an ELDEJO lock up taking up from Ligue 1, there's so much goodness that all goes under the good name of Le Ballon - a football league that champions a creative delivery, serving up a healthy slice of football culture right to the core. Being handed two Le Ballon badges, ELDEJO went to work on this off his own back and this is where it ended up.

Some description

With the face of Jack Nicholson gracing the bottom left of the back of the shirt and the name of his character numbering the reverse also, it's a well tailored meeting of minds - a tribute to a psychological thriller while suiting up with style all day long. The Le Ballon badge embossed with brilliant is matched with a polka dotted colour. A dream boat of a kit if you will, designed with delicious tones on the surface and a thrilling film weaving into the sub-text. Tremendous.

Find out more about all things Le Ballon, here. You can see another of Jason's bespoke shirt designs here.


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