Boost, boost, boost. The adidas innovation has taken over the footwear scene, with the Three Stripes impressively incorporating into cross categories from running, to lifestyle to football. The versatility of the technology has seemingly endless possibilities, and that's caught the imagination of Designer, Kegan McDaniel.

Concept creator McDaniel has whipped up his take on a number of adidas BOOST headphone designs that feature ear cushions moulded from the breakthrough material. A smart look in a trio of colour combinations, the designs are purely concepts with adidas having no plans to release a model as such, as far as we know anyway. 

Some description

The BOOST movement is one that has swept across the footwear market with devastatingly successful results with its exquisite comfort and style. Would it work on headphones? We don't see why not. Is it necessary, absolutely not. But it looks sharp as. This isn't the first time McDaniel has tinkered with BOOST accessories, he's previously created a similar project for YEEY BOOST headphones. Experimental design leads to genius ideas, and it would be hard to rule out further interesting plans for BOOST technology.