Ahead of the 2016 European Championships in France, famed German photographer Juergen Teller was commissioned by adidas to follow French playmaker Paul Pogba in and around Paris to document the football star in a mix of portrait and still-life photography in the build up to the tournament.

The result is 'This is Pogboom' a beautifully executed book of raw, intimate portraits of the player. In Teller's words Pogba is "one of 21st-century football's most dynamic and exciting personalities" – 'This is Pogboom' is a rare fusion of art, fashion and sport. As one of the most sought-after players in contemporary football, Paul Pogba is closely watched and followed. A marketable dream with bags of talent, attitude and personality that has the whole of Europe fighting over his signature or wishing they could afford a player of his magnitude.

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Teller captures the playful, unique and intriguing personality of Paul Pogba's extraordinary way of life. The whole world at his feet, loved by an entire nation, it's easy to forget Paul Pogba is just 23 years-old, he has the presence of an A-list celebrity and the swagger of a generation. When there's talent behind the lense and talent in front of it, the results were never going to be anything short of immaculate.