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Mats Drawing Produces Bespoke Painting Charting Messi's Career

Once again focusing his incredible talents on Lionel Messi, artist Mats Drawing has produced a stunning artwork that charts the Argentinian’s career in a truly bespoke fashion.

Custom artist Mats Drawing has popped up on a radar in the past for his incredible creations, where he usually uses football shirts as his canvas, producing striking representations of some of the game’s greats, including a wonderful representation of Messi and Maradona recently. But for his latest creation he’s changed lanes, switching the football shirts out for a more traditional setup – albeit still with a unique twist.

messi painting 6-min.jpg
messi painting 5-min.jpg

Keeping focus on Messi, Mats worked on a brand new unique stand that he 3D printed, then sanded and spray painted, giving a background made from acrylic and gold leaf. There were apparently a lot of complications in preparing the ball, particularly with fixing it in place without damaging the canvas or the support. But once that was complete the detail was added, capturing some of Messi’s most magical celebratory moments. The piece was finished with eight small golden balls – split into four and positioned in opposing corners – to represent his eight Balon d’Ors.

In total, including every stage of the process, the piece took Mats in the region of 200-300 hours of work – a mammoth effort, but time well spent when you see the finished piece. Goes without saying it’s a one-of-one creation!

messi painting 9-min.jpg
messi painting 10-min.jpg
messi painting 4-min.jpg
messi painting 7-min.jpg
messi painting 8-min.jpg
messi painting 2-min.jpg

Check out more of Mats' work here.

Daniel Jones

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