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Messi UNICEF Art

Artists Damien Hirst and Takashi Murakami partner up with FC Barcelona and Leo Messi for 1in11 charity campaign ahead of a UNICEF charity auction in London on February 12th.

Murakami and Hirst joined a number of artists to create portraits of Lionel Messi in their respective signature styles especially for the auction that harnesses the power of sport and education to ensure that disadvantaged children across the globe get the opportunity to fulfill their potential.

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Messi is the UNICEF goodwill ambassador and president of the Leo Messi foundation and the initiative draws attention to the 1 in 11 children across the globe who are out of school and aims at equipping them with the right tools and programs to reach their full potential.

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Takashi Murakami uses his signature psychedelic graphics (main image) whilst Damien Hirst’s portrait triptych (a painting on three panels) is of Messi supported by two Champions League footballs. The initial 1in11 project will focus on Bangladesh, Indonesia and Nepal.


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