With a brilliantly poetic style, artist Reuben Dangoor has offered an illustrated touch of class that will resonate around England as the National Team battled their way into the quarter finals of the World Cup.

A series of illustrations that have found themselves around the web throughout the tournament, the playful nature coupled with exquisite delivery is something that sets these images apart. These England themed illustrations champion many a moment. Most perfectly, the Gareth Southgate dedicated piece sees the England manager bring himself of 22 years ago under his wing. A telling picture of then and now, it highlights the redemption enjoyed by the man in the hotseat as England broke their World Cup penalty shootout hoo-doo.

Reuben Dangoor World Cup Illustrations_0003_gaz.jpg
Reuben Dangoor World Cup Illustrations_0004_KANE.jpg
Reuben Dangoor World Cup Illustrations_0002_portugeeza.jpg
Reuben Dangoor World Cup Illustrations_0001_PANKAKE.jpg
Reuben Dangoor World Cup Illustrations_0005_1528762804451_raheem.jpg
Reuben Dangoor World Cup Illustrations_0000_greggy.jpg

Others include an illustration of Raheem Sterling being chastised by the media and Cristiano Ronaldo re-imagined as a proper Delboy. Harry Kane is held up as a hero and rightly so - a frontman and captain for the campaign, he has led with resilient example to date. It's coming home...

A healthy dollop of creative football, you can see more of Reuben's work here