The one essential item to any World Cup is the match ball. Bringing a creative twist to the 2018 Adidas Telstar World Cup Match Ball, we collaborated with two illustrators to re-lick the performer at the centre of the party. Both match balls celebrate moments and players who have marked their name in history in an altogether contemporary fashion.

First up, Aaron Givens gave the match ball an aggressive finish. Hand painting over the match ball, he's kept the shapes of the Telstar 18 present though with a diverse colour palette and iconic names from tournaments gone by, he's marked top scorers, hero players and teams that have left victors. It's an all encompassing one of piece that brings football and art together with a majestic cross-field pass as a delivery.

world cup illustrated match ball_0002__J0A0961.jpg
world cup illustrated match ball_0002__J0A0961.jpg

Adam Forster was on hand to deliver the finer hand painted detail for this second illustrated match ball. It's his player portraits that go the distance here. Finite though powerfully playful, these gallery-must have's once more celebrated supreme scenes and those iconic names who have left a legacy.

world cup illustrated match ball_0001__J0A0965 1.jpg
world cup illustrated match ball_0000__J0A0965.jpg

Each ball was designed specifically for the SoccerBible World Cup Special '32/12'. Truly bespoke, there is only one of each match ball in existence. Collaborating to bring art and football closer together while breaking new ground, it's a tailored piece of creative work ahead of the World Cup. One day until it all kicks off, this time capsuled piece holds on to a moment in time while looking to inspire the future.

32 12 a world cup special by soccerbible_0004_3212 33.jpg

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