An illustrated party played out with pen in hand, this collection of portrait inspired designs from Luke McGarry add a curation of colour in depicting just some of those on pitch stars from EURO 2016.

Plenty of character, buckets of charm and blissful colour, each team has their showman that add something that little bit different to proceedings.

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Whether it be the slick veteran keeper or the beef wellington bulldog at the heart of the park, each player has been immortalised in illustrative form. As well as each player, this poster combining the lot has also been created by Luke.

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What's not too like, ruthless mannerisms portrayed in a caricatured format, these dance with detail and quite frankly in the wise words of Depeche Mode, we Just Can't Get Enough. Splendid. Whittled down to the last 4 teams, semi-finals loom. Excited much? I think so.

You can see more work from Luke McGarry, here.