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PAOK FC 'Toumba' Magazine | Closer Look

A club that carries a strong look across all outlets, PAOK FC are wasting no time in celebrating it's 90th year with defined style prominent throughout. No rush job, there's a perfectionist finish to their delivery. 'Toumba' is the finest of examples, we took a closer look.

Cutting the mustard is something this club seem to do across whatever medium they choose. With the finest blade dressing a delicious sandwich of design, this goes the distance when it comes to an 'Official Magazine' for a football club. Issues one and two dropped and a third impending, this is a piece of design that travels through the test of time - a source of inspiration as much as a wealth of information, there's something fresh on show with every turn of the page.

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Striking photography that marries up contemporary and classic places from various parts of the club, it's a form of expression in itself and a connection to the fans that has been given the utmost respect. A solid paperstock and shine welcomes you in while player interviews and giant gloss posters compliment this delivery, designed all over.

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Something that can serve as best practice across the global club game, their contribution to the creative game is unquestionable. Spot on. You can see more here.


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