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Toumba Magazine 'Cup Issue'

Continuing a designed adventure that beautifully breaks the rules, the strong style continues to come out of Greek side PAOK. With another issue of club magazine Toumba, the 'Cup Issue' is another golden wonder.

A special edition that celebrates the club's triumphant league cup win, it's a silkscreened magazine that is covered with a leather finish and etched with all signatures from the winning side. The 9th 'Toumba' to land, it's a long standing style guide that combines interesting use of typography and graphic design while stretching through 288 pages that are all served with gold tipped edges.

While many clubs look to stand out in their own way, PAOK continue to make strides whiles offering creative exploration to the designers who work with the club. Toumba is a sign of how seriously the club take their image and in crossing cultures, their black, white and gold colour palette is certainly a strong benchmark for the creative game to challenge. 


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