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PAOK FC | BY Dimitris Papazoglou

Greek side PAOK FC are a club with a strong image. Minimalist though highly creative, designer Dimitris Papazoglou has created a range of work for the club that paints a holistically cool picture.

A varied set of mediums, Dimitris Papazoglou has created a diverse collection of work for PAOK FC. From mobile merchandise units to the art direction of the match day magazine. The cover of which was designed by Hellovon. Also working with Nike, he has worked on a number of pieces to help support various campaign work from both brand and club.

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Creating a celebratory shirt for the clubs under 20 side for the 13/14 season, tapping into typography as well as direction, it puts the club in a strong position having delivered a styled image. From the outside, PAOK FC certainly have their image down.

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You can see a strong mixture of work including his football inspired creative here. Strong brand? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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