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John Sheehan x The Square Ball

The Square Ball is always a stand out among football fanzines. Devoted to their club, the Leeds United fans that craft and graft to create a fanzine with all out detail, this cover from John Sheehan is an utter delight. Despite the frustrated undertones of course.

A club that has been steered across unusual waters, many fans are at sixes and sevens with their owner Massimo Cellino. With controversy not short coming, the faithful fans remain exactly that while their club seems to veer of to places that don't match many of their desires. Regardless, Leeds is a city forever delivering a healthy dollop of creativity. The Square Ball is perhaps symbolic of that - laying down their thoughts in printed form for Issue 9 of the fanzine, John Sheehan was on hand to create a vocally punching cover.

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As well as The Square Ball John's work has taken on football forms aplenty. Subtle touches with a striking impact, the number below captures one Roy Keane venting some classic forthright feelings. Oh Roy.

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You can find out more about The Square Ball here while John's work is on show here. From Paul McGrath to Sir Bobby Charlton, there's a lot of goodness on show.


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