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Tony Yeboah - The Square Ball | Rhys Lowry

Fanzines are a long standing tradition up and down the country, a chance for fans to share opinions and express their views through creative means they are a valuable commodity in the history of fandom. Leeds fanzine The Square Ball, goes that little further in style.

Voted the best fanzine by The Football Supporters Federation it is a celebration of all elements of football. From illustration through to passionate prose, it's a fantastic piece of collective might. Designer Rhys Lowry went to town creating this tribute to a thunderbolt of a volley-yielding legend from the 90's, Tony Yeboah.

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A fitting piece of work that reminds you that somewhere in Leeds there is probably a cross bar still rattling thanks to one of Yeboah's finishes. What a player. You can find out more about The Square Ball here, check out more work from Rhys here too.


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