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Norwich City - 'Your City, Your Story' | Portraits by Philip Haynes

While the price of football is debated among the masses, it's vital that the most important commodity, the fan, is treasured endlessly. In releasing season ticket plans Norwich City reached out to fans to express what it means to be part of their club.

The definition of what makes a modern 'club' is something that is forever finding its meaning. Some would see it as something people can participate and engage with, regularly giving something back. The role of the fan is not one of passive participation, they are the hearts that turn out to watch the beautiful game find its feet.

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In collaborating with photographer Philip Haynes, Norwich City have produced a campaign that shows an open an honest side of fans. The words the most powerful here, they reminisce about their favourite moments as a Canary. Proud of their iconic yellow and green, this distinguished club of great worth gives a fresh angle to contemporary football.

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The Premier League embraced in their own way, the fans are their lifeblood and they are not afraid to show it.

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Capturing these portrait photographs with such a sharp delivery, it's an appreciation for the essence and a well crafted delivery that's well worth celebrating. The 'Your City, Your Story' campaign is very much welcome on the top flight. You can find out more here. More of Philip Haynes work can be seen here.


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