After inspiring a revitalised England at the 2018 World Cup, Harry Kane is rewarded with a golden finish to a prolific summer as Nike pay tribute the 2018 World Cup Golden Boot winner with a special edition Hypervenom Phantom III.

From his man of the people persona to his humble heroics that have put him in the hearts of England fans, Harry Kane has helped the Three Lions rediscover their roar. Responsible for thousands of airborne pints, soaked shirts, and an unforgettable summer of celebration, Kane's 6 World Cup goals fired England back into the big time. A return to his first ever club Ridgeway Rovers, sees Nike salute their marksman with a message of genuine sentiment as the brand unveil the special edition Hypervenom boot.

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Giving the Hypervenom a lick of premium paint and bespoke graphic execution, the boot has been completely tailored for Harry Kane. A tonal St George's flag is complemented with the England National Team badge, and on the instep of the boot are the words 'Lane, Lion, Leader'. The alliterated phrase is symbolic of the growth of Kane. Starting at Ridgeway Rovers, his game began in raw surroundings and has risen to the elite world stage.

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Going back to Ridgeway Rovers to re-visit the first chapter in Kane's journey, Ian Marshall, the Chairman of the club, helps paint a picture of the real effect Harry Kane has had on their club. "When I took over at Ridgeway Rovers, it was the same day that Harry Kane came back to the club to do a presentation. I had been secretary at the club for a few years but that was my first day as chairman. Harry came along and gave out the trophies. I remember someone saying “never heard of him”, and we all just thought “you soon will”. That was probably the best thing I’ve ever said.

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We’re a spit and sawdust club and he’s taken on the world from here. It’s special for us and the club to have that attachment."

"Harry has brought a lot of interest to our club and it’s something totally unique. We’ve been asked all sorts but there’s so much good that can come out of it for the community. Most recently, we’ve been asked to put a team together of all ages that can play against ex-professionals who are trying to get fit. They are more than ex-pros too, they’re more like legends, so getting that kind of focus is something few clubs would get.

"From our ground here, you can see the cranes going to work at Tottenham Hotspur on the new stadium. From here to Spurs, and doing what he did at the World Cup, it's inspiring, and we couldn't more proud."

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Call it a golden line drawn under a summer of optimism, a summer of fulfilment and a summer of goals. Kane's special edition Nike Hypervenom III will not be available at retail, but the man himself will wear them as he marks his international return when England play Spain at Wembley on 8th September.

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Harry Kane is supporting the London Playing Fields Foundation. They'll be receiving one of his golden boots as a donation from Harry as part of this project.