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Skechers Announce Themselves In The Game With Lifetime Deal For Harry Kane

It really is all change for Harry Kane, who, as well as switching Spurs for Bayern Munich, has also made the switch from Nike to what was a mystery boot. But that mystery is now lifted with the announcement that the brand the England captain is joining in a lifetime deal is Skechers.

If you’re going to make a grand entrance into the game there can be few more emphatic statements than the signing of England’s all-time record goalscorer, Harry Kane, to a lifetime global deal. While Kane was spotted in a mystery black out boot in preseason with Spurs a month or so ago, leading to a whirlwind of speculation regarding his boot future, it was pushed to the background, what with his headline switch to the Bundesliga. But now that the dust has settled on that transfer saga, the veil is finally lifted on the boot he’s been wearing, as Skechers announce themselves in the world of football.

It’s definitely a time of transition in my career and I’m thrilled to announce my signing with Skechers just as I’m making a big move,” said Kane. “Ever since meeting the design team and seeing the boots for the first time, I felt confident that Skechers was onto something special. I’ve been wearing the boots for weeks, scoring in them in preseason. They’re unlike anything I’ve experienced before. Own it, own who you are. Own what you want to achieve. And that’s what I feel like I’ve done throughout my whole career. They’re the main messages I think my partnership with Skechers sends to people in general all around the world. I wouldn’t back a brand or gear if I didn’t 100 percent believe in it. This is the real deal.

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Kane has been wearing the SKX_01, the brand’s control silo, and he will be wearing the unmasked version of it for the first time in Bayern’s game against Werder. What’s interesting though is that while the focus was firmly on Kane wearing the boot, in both blackout and whiteout looks, he’s not been the only player to lace them up, with Skechers stealthily infiltrating the game and quietly building up a roster of players that includes Harrison Reed, Jeffrey Schlupp, Tom Cairney, Carlton Morris (Luton's goalscorer) Tom Lockyer and Fulham’s Bobby De Cordova Reid (who also scored in them). So, two Premier League goals and a decent little squad to the Skechers name already, before they’d even announced themselves in the game. Not a bad start.

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Available in both a low and high collar cut and launching in a "Blue/Green" colourway as part of the 'Prime Pack', the SKX_01 has been designed with the insight of professional players who desire precise control on the ball. The boot is constructed on a custom-designed last meticulously crafted to optimise fit and comfort. The upper is a seamless fusion of high-quality knit and skin materials; the knit adapts to the foot's shape, offering a personalised fit and excellent breathability, while the strategically placed skin panels add durability and protection where it's needed most.

A unique combination of micro and macro texture are positioned on the upper, strategically placed to optimise ball control and touch – the micro-textured zones provide a delicate grip for precise dribbling and passing, while the macro-textured areas offer extra grip and power for shooting and striking the ball.

Then there’s the Hyper-burst Pro sicklier – a staple of Skechers footwear. It’s a highly responsive ultra-lightweight, long lasting and resilient TPU cushioning which moulds to the shape of the foot, providing a custom fit that ensures maximum comfort.

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We’ve been developing Skechers Football boots for some time and as we perfected the design, we enlisted players to test them and offer feedback—including one of the best on the pitch, the great Harry Kane,” added Michael Greenberg, president of Skechers. “Harry had the entire football world following his every move over the last few weeks and his determination, skill, and leadership align perfectly with our plans for the sport. He already feels like part of the Skechers family. This first boot is just the beginning with more innovative Skechers Football boots featuring our signature comfort and performance technologies on the way.

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