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The Walkers 'Choir of Champions'

Walkers and Gary Lineker took the 'Choir of the Champions' to London, Madrid and Munich to surprise members of the public with impromptu renditions of that glorious UEFA Champions League anthem.

That spine tingling tune associated with epic Champions League nights of football instantly puts a smile on the face of football fans worldwide, and London commuters were given quite the wake up call as bus passengers were suddenly immersed into a live operatic performance by members of the choir who were secretly scattered throughout the bus.

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In Munich, a local ‘human statue’ street performer sprung in to action as he orchestrated the impromptu flashmob in the main square, filling the streets with the distinctive sound of the iconic UEFA Champions League anthem. In Madrid, a classic Spanish kiosk was secretly transformed to surprise and delight customers as the kiosk played the unmistakable anthem whilst showering them with ticker tape and glitter. Beautiful stuff.


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