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Champions League Teams Debut 21/22 Training Collections

Ahead of the Champions League return this week and the group stage openers, Europe’s premier clubs debuted their new training collections, with Juventus and Bayern training in their fresh threads from adidas, while Barcelona and PSG got up to speed in their new kit from Nike.

The Champions League is the biggest club competition in the world, and we’ll have words with anyone who says otherwise. The best players, the best arenas, that music, and kits reserved for the occasion. With its return this week for the group stage openers, teams have been debuting their new training collections, with designs that generally tie in with the aesthetics of their 21/22 third shirts, which themselves are reserved for Europe’s premier competition.

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Bayern Munich

Bayern’s third shirt saw a bespoke design that was inspired by the mountain panorama that surrounds Munich. The black and white aesthetics are what’s carried across for their training range, with white being the dominant colour, while the black panels on the shoulders and underarms contain a  camo-esque graphic.

training 5-min.jpg
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Barca got a reworked home kit as their third shirt for this campaign, and so the training kit doesn’t quite follow the classic Blaugrana stylings. Instead it takes a black base and adds in flashes of vibrant pink and purples that run through bands across the sleeves and through the club crest and branding.

training 2-min.jpg
training 3-min.jpg


The Juve third shirt saw a design that drew on the style of the past to redefine the look of the future, celebrating one of the club's golden periods, marked by the victory of numerous trophies with the unforgettable and iconic yellow and blue colours. But toning things down somewhat, the training shirt atop the same blue and yellow colouring, albeit with the blue as the dominant colour, and in a more standardised block arrangement that’s the same template as Munich.

training 7-min.jpg
training 8-min.jpg


PSG only revealed their new third shirt today, and now they follow that up with their new training range. It goes the same route as the third shirt, with the colour being drained to leave a grey base that’s lifted right from the third shirt’s centre stripe. As with that shirt, the only other flash of colour comes from the Electric Red that’s used on the club crest and Nike branding.

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