While Pro:Direct LDN19 is a football boot mecca, it is very much a playground for creative artists both on and off the pitch. In partnership with Intermarketing Agency, Pro:Direct and adidas have gone all-out in showcasing the new ACE16 collection.

Wall to wall with the new adidas ACE16 collection, it's a glowing celebration of the latest innovation from the labs championed by three stripes. A collaboration between Pro:Direct and adidas that has been installed and designed by Intermarketing Agency, it entwines the stripes onto a shop floor like no other.

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Telling the story of each boot, it is very much experiential campaigning poured out in strength. Regardless of your style of play, you'd struggle not to come away positively infected by the way of the ACE. A game changer on all counts, this blend of creative industries combining to celebrate the brilliance of football, is another step change for the game. Consider London well and truly bossed. Give it a look if you're in London.

Full adidas ACE16 collection available here.