Telling the story of the passionate fan that dedicates his time to the club he adores - this video tells the story of the football loving fan and steward that can experience the atmosphere of a game but not quite see the action unfold.

A promotion for French broadcaster Canal+, this video taps into the fandom of football from a passionate place. This fan gives everything for the love of his team. In supporting the team, he gives his time to be a steward. A role that means he's facing the crowd rather than the pitch, he gets to the game but can't see the patterns of play unfold. From trinkets that wash the walls of his home to the memories of those iconic moments, this is the life of the super fan.

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A supporter of Marseille, this video is out there to set up the coverage of the game versus Paris Saint-Germain and was create by Paris agency BETC. A tasteful delivery that taps into the culture that comes with following your team it's heart and soul in every sense. Bringing the channel's coverage into the mix, the stewards daughter brings her iPad to the game so that this fan does in fact get to see the game while he faces the crowd so win-win. Give it a view, then go follow suit and cover your wall in beautiful merch.