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'London's Local Club' | The Brentford Brand

The volume of football clubs in and around London makes it a hive of competition and it's easy for clubs to lose focus on their objectives. Brentford are a club of ambition, with people at it's core who champion what it means to be a club.

In teaming up with creative consultants, Article, the club have been able to present their values as they look to create a future of excitement that is rooted in its loyal and respected fan base. They may not have the biggest stadium but they have an enormous heart of passions. Dedicated to the love of the game, the clean perception that has been created through collaboration is on point. Aiming for the top without alienating, it's 100% about making sure the people off the pitch preach about the party, just as much as those with the ball at their feet.

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Values of honest and genuine character, the video above lets the fans tell the story. No need for board room mouth pieces or the suited football that can linger in a stale environment, this is a club about innovative and original thinking who are backed by an owner rich in passion as well as vision.

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A new stadium in the offing, our 'Residence' look at Griffin Park, bottled the essence their much worn but much loved hallowed turf. See more from the ongoing project with Article, here.


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