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Romeo Beckham On His Development, Joining Brentford & Working With PUMA

Romeo Beckham joined PUMA in December 2021, and with over a year with the brand under his belt and a fresh challenge at Brentford ahead, we caught up with midfielder to talk about his experiences so far, and how he feels he’s developing, both on and off the pitch.

Few names in the world of football carry as much weight as that of Beckham; anyone with even a passing interest in the game will know the name. But for Romeo Beckham, that doesn’t mean a fixed path, and that freedom of choice that has previously seen him join PUMA now sees him at London-based Premier League side Brentford, as he continues to carve his own route, establish himself and hopefully create his own legacy.

Having spent time in his company for the shoot that would accompany his announcement as a PUMA athlete, it was a pleasure to once again catch up with Beckham, who modelled several lifestyle pieces from PUMA’s repertoire, as well as lacing up in the recently released Future Ultimate from the ‘Supercharge Pack’. We also had the opportunity to breeze a few questions his way, so we got right down to life with PUMA, how he feels he’s developed as a person and a player over the last couple of years, and well as what he hopes for in the future. 

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What do you think you've learnt about yourself on and off the pitch?

I’ve matured a lot and the experience I gained from living in Miami and now training at Brentford is only going to help me even more in terms of how I perform on and also off the pitch.

What's your mindset like - do you hate to lose? Are you someone who is always training? Always repeating set pieces, that kind of thing?

I hate losing. I am really dedicated when it comes to my training. I have always been taught the importance of hard work since I was young and that who you are off the pitch is just as important as who you are on the pitch, so I try to live by that.

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You're reflective of a new age football player. Times have changed and people like to see athletes with character, like yourself. Which players do you look at who are good at expressing what they're about?

I love Messi - him winning the World Cup was incredible to watch. I’m inspired by athletes in other sports too - I love Lebron, he is an unbelievable player and athlete. The fact he has stayed at the top of his game at such an incredible level year after year is amazing.

Being noticed, dealing with that side of the game, how have you navigated that as an experience?

I always try to keep focussed on my football. 

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What's the journey with puma been like so far? How would you describe the brand through your eyes?

Puma is an amazing brand to work with – I was wearing Puma boots even before I started working with them, so to now work with them is exciting. We have done some amazing shoots together and I love being a part of the Puma family. 

What makes the brand a strong fit for you?

I think Puma really push their athletes to show their own personalities and style, which is important to me.

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Where do you set your targets and aspirations going into 2023 and what do you want to smash this year?

I’ve had a really exciting start to the year playing with Brentford and I’m looking forward to seeing how that progresses. I want to make 2023 a bigger year than last year – I’m focussed on being in the moment and taking each game and opportunity as it comes.

What would it feel like to break into that first team squad further and play in front of a full house? 

It would be the best feeling. Playing in front of people is what I love and to play in the first team is something I’ve dreamt of, so it would feel incredible but for now I am just focused on working hard and training hard.

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Romeo Beckham wears the PUMA Future Ultimate, which you can pick up at

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