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Create Your Own Game by adidas

Inspiring creativity, adidas are dialling up the invitation to fans of the football world to create and lead. Become the inspirers rather than the inspired. Using the likes of Gareth Bale and Lionel Messi this video celebrates the fresh direction of the brand.

With the game their for the taking on a daily basis, it is Bale's speed, Ozil's vision, Muller's killer touch, James' control and Messi's unrivalled brilliance that the brand are using to lay down the marker.

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Rather than watching others shine, the brand is encouraging fans to take the spot light. No matter the pitch or the place, adidas describe it as being about "finding your own path", seeing an opportunity and grabbing it.

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Inviting the challenge, the empowering message to create and lead rather than watch and follow is to be appreciated. We've got time for heroes, though equally collaboration among the best is what wins titles. Game on.


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