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Inside Small-Sided: Santiago de Chile

With a population of 5.5 million ‘Santiaguinos’, Santiago is the fifth largest city in South America that is alive with energy. A bustling city is host to a wealth of passionate communities, the mutual love for football is explored in the latest edition of Nike's 'Inside Small-Sided' video series.

Boasting an enviable crop of players, the Chilean national team is in a special place. The team is in the heart of people up and down the country and while Santiago boasts more than a half a dozen top-tier teams that sell-out their stadiums almost every game, the support for the national team eclipses this to new levels.

Inspired by its small-sided roots, Football in Chile has always been about technique but today it includes a greater infusion of athleticism, physical prowess and tactical awareness. Homegrown talent has unified Chilean football, it binds neighborhoods as it moves into a new era.

Santiago itself has a rich history of small-sided football - coined as “baby football”, small-sided courts are not hard to find. It is where players of the future cut their teeth as well as play through the ages.

A story well told, this first piece in a remarkable exploration of football around the globe is a celebration of why the game is like no other, especially on the small-sided court. Take in the full story from Nike.


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